Selle Royal Lookin Athletic Xsenium Gel Saddle Selle Royal Lookin Athletic Xsenium Gel Saddle combines the innovative Cool Cover and RoyalGel for the greatest level of gel comfort. An ordinary black saddle can easily warm up to over 60 degrees Celsius, or more, when left in the sun. Laboratory tests prove that our new cool cover can keep the saddle's temperature 25 degrees lower, reducing the unpleasant feeling of sitting on a hot surface. RoyalGel reduces pressure on the prostate/pubis and sit bone areas by up to 80 percent. That's maximum comfort, guaranteed. The Lookin saddle is equipped with Royal Vacuum Light (RVL), making the saddle more comfortable thanks to the use of a high quality polyurethane foam that is 100 percent sealed and up to 20 percent lighter than other saddles of the same category. This saddle is anatomically designed specifically for men for maximum comfort and blood flow. The moderate design of the saddle focuses RoyalGel padding in the middle to rear of the saddle to provide more relief where the sit bones and weight of the rider is located. Xsenium is a rubberized vinyl cover that allows the RoyalGel below to move freely and more dynamically in all three dimensions. 661145278930
Selle Royal
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