Selle Royal Respiro Soft Relaxed Xsenium Saddle Selle Royal Respiro Soft Relaxed Xsenium Saddle is dedicated to the demanding cyclist. In hot weather, when leaving a bike in the sun or riding for a long period of time, a saddle can increase in temperature. Rising above the rider's skin temperature, the saddle creates an unpleasant feeling of perspiration and discomfort. Eventually this discomfort can cause pain. Respiro, meaning breathe in Italian, avoids this by keeping the saddle up to 25 percent cooler thanks to the cool microtex cover and the ventilation channel. This saddle is anatomically designed specifically for women for maximum comfort and blood flow. The relaxed design of the saddle focuses RoyalGel padding in the rear of the saddle to provide more relief where the sit bones and weight of the rider is located. Xsenium is a rubberized vinyl cover that allows the RoyalGel below to move freely and more dynamically in all three dimensions. S1900413
Selle Royal
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